Ken Single Stack

Ken Single Stack

Thursday, July 21, 2011

SVDFI Zombie Match

Here is my first posting on this blog. This past Saturday I went to the Southern Virginia Defensive Firearms Institute in Nelson VA. What a great match, Mike from SVDFI put on a great match, the only thing I can say negative is that it was a long day, we showed up about 9am and did not finish shooting till about 7:30pm, and shooting a 3 gun match is a pretty long day.
So I am pretty new to 3 Gun matches where this is my 4th match shooting all 3. I have recently purchased a 20 gauge pump shot gun and I have been borrowing a rifle from a good friend, and the pistol, well everyone who has shot with me knows I have a few to choose from. So I started out the day using my Springfield 1911, the reason I wanted to use that one was cause the Area 8 USPSA championship is coming up and I wanted to wring it out and see if there were any issue, well I had issues, first the mags would not drop free, and second for some reason the trigger was not reconnecting after a shot, so I had to swap it out for my backup, which is a Gen 4 Glock 22. The rest of my arsenal was a Mossberg 500 20 gauge, and a home build AR15 A2, 20" with iron sites, talk about retro, but it was really cool shooting it.
The rest of the match went good after I swapped out the pistol, till I go to the steal plates with the shot gun. Not really thinking about it I was centering the sites on the center of the plates but with bird shot the pattern spread so the shot was spreading over and around the plate. John told me to put the sites just below the main section of the poppers and low and behold it worked, so I learned a little bit more on how to shot the shot gun in 3 gun. The other good advise I got was for the clay birds that popped up, aim just under and follow the bird, since I have never shot at clay bird before this was some good advise and worked out good to.

So all in all the day was really good, I got to shoot a different AR this time and I experienced shooting clay birds with the shotgun and I received my 555 club shirt for ZSA, if you don't know what the 555 club or what ZSA is check it out here and I hope to see everyone at the next match

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