Ken Single Stack

Ken Single Stack

Sunday, July 24, 2011

ZAG (Zombie All Gun) 7/243/2011

Well today I went out to the ZAG or Zombie All Gun match today. for those of you who are not familiar with ZSA (Zombie Shooters Association, it is the new game in town, with minimal rules and easy scoring has been created by a good friend John Z. to help new shooters compete in a environment that is not intimidating and overwhelming with to many rules. Well the ZAG is a 3 gun match with ZSA rules and it was a blast.
The day started out pretty warm, then again it was only 8:30am. I think that the heat kept some people away since there was not as many people out as there was last month, but I don't blame them, it was 105+ and the heat was pretty bad, but I feel sorry for them since they missed out on a great match. I started my squad on Stage 1, which was a standards stage, ElZombiedentie, with 2 zombies and one infected,  so we had to engage all targets, reload and engage all three again, to to bad for a start, I was running my Beretta 92FS and after shooting Glocks and 1911's it was a bit to get used to with the DA/SA pull.
Second Stage was a Shotgun/ pistol stage, had to clean the plate rack, 6 shots with the shotgun and then there was 2 drop turners infected's, and another 8 or so targets.
Stage 3 was 9 zombies from a ported wall with the rifle, move to the table and engage 2 infected on both left and right. I have to say I was a bit nervous on this stage, I picked up a Bushmaster AR15 A1 and even though I went through the rifle a few times that week, I was not sure how it was going to run, but after that first trigger squeeze went bang, I was happy, then after we scored I had all my hits, and I was really happy.
Stage 4 was really fun, this stage incorporated all 3 guns in one stage. Your rifle and shot gun was staged and loaded hot on a table and your start was seated at a picnic table. we had to engage 3 targets while seated, then get up and move to the table where your rifle and shotgun were waiting while engaging another 4 infected targets, safe the pistol on the table and then it was your choice to start with the rifle or shotgun, I personally went for the shotgun first cleaned the plates and then went for the rifle, now after I ran through the stage I was given advise to start with the rifle, since if you started with the shotgun it would wear you out before you picked up the rifle, great advise, just a bit to late.
Stage 5 was in the shoot house, while seated to infected in front of you and 2 behind you, once they are neutralized you get up and move to the door and take out another 4 zombies and an infected, then there was another infected and zombie way to the left, once they are done, pick up your shotgun and clean the plates, saving the red stop plate for last.
Stage 6 was interesting, this was a rifle/ pistol stage, starting with your pistol loaded and an empty rifle in your week hand you draw and engage 2 infected with the pistol strong hand only, move to a table where you can safe the rifle and engage 3 more infected with the pistol, then safe your pistol on the table and load your rifle and there was 42 rounds with a mix of zombie and infected about 25 yards.
Stage 7, this was another fun stage, this was a shotgun only stage, 12 plates spaced out along a line across the bay.
Stage 8, this was the typical ZAG Appleseed stage with a twist, each target on the appleseed target were zombies this time.

As you can see this was a really good match, I had a blast, and everyone from my squad said they had a good time and hopefully I will see everyone back next month for the ZAG, and I may see some at one of teh IDPA or USPSA matches I compete in every month.
Between the heat and running the squad I did not get an opportunity to get video, but you can check out my friend Cory C from Zombie Tactical Outfitters, he ran one one of the other squads and was able to get video of the stages,
Remember, this Saturday there is a Steel Challange match at Southern Virginia Defensive Firearms Institute,
and the next ZSA pistol match at Eagle One supply in Raleigh, you can find more infor on that and other matches in the area on the ZSA web site,, and as always on the
 NC Shooting Sports site,

Remember to stay safe and remember those men and women in our armed forces who are defending our freedoms so we can enjoy this great sport and all our freedoms.

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