Ken Single Stack

Ken Single Stack

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Steel Challenge SVDFI 7/30/11

Well this past weekend, 7/30, We all went to Southern Virginia Defensive Firearms Institute for their first Steel Challenge match. This was a test to see how it was going to go, and after talking to Mike from SVDFI he told me that he will be holding official matches starting in January.

Well as you guys know already, USPSA Area 8 Championship and NC Section is coming up in September, and that means that I am in USPSA mode, so that means Single Stack. So I cleaned up and brought out the Springfield that I will be shooting in those two matches. This was my first all steel match and was a bit different from what I am used to, there are only 5 targets per stage, from large target size steel to smaller plates where on is a stop plate. Now other than a normal match that I am used to there is no scoring rings, there is you hit the plate, or you didn't, and the timer doesn't stop till the stop plate is hit. The other difference is you run the stage 4 to 5 times and your best 3-4 scores count for your average time for the stage. The nice thing about this is you can have a bad run, and come back from it pretty easy as long as you don't mess up worse.

The first stage was, well the first stage, my nerves we getting a to me a bit, but after the 2nd string I was getting in the groove and the Springfield was running perfect. the new front fiber optic site was very easy to lock on to and get focus. As the day went on the squad was getting used to the way the match was ran with the multiple stings and the 105 degrees heat. By the time we got to the last stage we all were getting pretty worn down, but I think we all finished pretty strong. I placed 4th overall and considering the competition that was a pretty good place to land.

Here is one video my buddy Cory (MrGlockster35) from Zombie Tactical Outfitters posted on YouTube,

You can see some other stages he shot on his youtube.

This weekend coming up, 8/6 is the monthly USPSA match at Sir Walter Gun Club in Creedmoor NC, and I am looking forward to seeing how the Springfield and I will run.

Remember stay safe and I will see everyone down range.

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