Ken Single Stack

Ken Single Stack

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things are looking up...

This past weekends was pretty good. I got to take a much needed break and was able to get away to the beach for a few days. Good thing to since they are talking about hurricane winds and rain hitting the North Carolina shores this coming weekend, but we are all hoping that it will head off shore and we will be safe so we can have our Zombie 3 Gun match.
So to get everyone caught up, a few weeks ago I participated in a IDPA Safety Offices class at The Range in Oxford, NC. So now I am officaly a Safety Officer for IDPA and for ZSA, we are working on getting a class setup for the Range Officers certification for USPSA and that would round out all the games I play. After the class I headed to Raleigh for the Zombie pistol match at Eagle One, as always they put on a good show, John and Mel are great at putting on a good match, and I am not just saying that since I placed first in 8 division. The match was great and the last stage was pretty challenging, it was a 39 round "semi field" course in doors, and I had 40 rounds on my belt, of course all I had was 5 single stack mags. so no big deal, I have one extra shot, well what happens to well layed plans, you guessed it Mister Murphy shows up, After my first mag I though I was doing pretty good, then I had a few feed jams, so dropping a mag with rounds in it was not part of the plan and I ran out of ammo before I was finished, and yes I still managed to place first :). The cause of the feed jams you ask, well I havn't put a trough cleaning on the Springfield in a few weeks and when the chamber gets a little dirty it doesn't allow the rounds to fully seat so it is not going full in to battery. So after a good, field cleaning I was able to make it to the IDPA match the ext day, did not have the same issues, just that I either missed the target or hit a no shoot, but I was in charge of my first squad and I think it ran pretty good. then the next weekend we went to the beach and that brings up to today. Tonight I have the IDPAish match at Durham Wildlife club, then Saturday is the ZAG, or Zombie All Gun match, which under a bit of a sad note I will be shooting pistol only. I will be using this weekend as the last big effort to get get some practice in, you see my friend Willy and I will be heading north next Thursday evening since we are competing in the Virginia Area 8 championships. This is a level 3 USPSA match and from the looks of it it is going to be a really good match. So stay tuned for more info about the Area 8 match and some other great things we are working on.

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