Ken Single Stack

Ken Single Stack

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello all, I know it has been a while since I posted and a lot has happened since then.
I went to the Area 8 Championship the beginning of the month and had a blast.I did not place like I wanted but that's OK, Willy and I had a lot of fun at the match and meet a lot of cool people and mad a few new friends.
So it is now mid-week, and everyone knows what that means, time to get things ready for the weekend. If you are like me you can not wait for the weekend and to get out and compete in some form of shooting. This weekend I have a ZSA (Zombie Shooters Association) 3 gun match, that I am contemplation shooting pistol only so I can get my mind set for the upcoming USPSA NC Section match the week after, and there is a local IDPA match, that I will probably shoot USPSA style (sorry IDPA, but I have a state level match to prepare for).

So by now most of you know that I am a fanatic about the single stack 1911s and that is my class of choice to shoot in. So after the issues I had at the Area 8 Championship a few weeks ago I decided that I need to step things up a notch. So I have updated my gear a bit, I am now using a CR Speed belt setup which I am borrowing for now, and I purchased CR Speed clone magazine holders. They are exactly the same, same retention, same mount to the belt, I think it even has the same model designation stamped, but they were way less half the price, and still using the same Blackhawk level 1 holster, which still works great.

I have also decided to step up my pistol choice, I have acquired a new Para 1911 single stack gun that I will be using. A little dis-concerning was I went out to the range yesterday and found that it would not chamber a round, after a few tries I started looking closer and found that the extractor was bend inward and was not moving. You may not know, but Para have this different PXT set up, or their Power Extractor, where the back part of the extractor is solid, and it has a spring and plunger in side with a pivoting claw end. So after further disassembly I found that the plunger is stuck in side the back half of the extractor. So pretty upset that my new pistol was having such a issue I tried calling Para on my way home, but it was 6:30pm and they closed at 5, oh well. So my mission for today is to get  a hold of them and see if they can get me a new extractor assembly shipped out so I can run it this weekend, I know close but we will see how that goes.

So after that debocale, I remembered that my original plan was to run my Taurus PT1911 at the section. I bought the Taurus back in February when I went tot eh Florida open as my backup to my Springfield and I have used it competition before, mainly IDPA. But it very accurate and runs flawlessly every time. So now the plan is to run the Taurus unless I can get the Para repaired and tested before the section.

Thats all for now, this weekend looks like it will be nice so I hope to see everyone out at the range.

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