Ken Single Stack

Ken Single Stack

Thursday, April 21, 2016

OK guys, so if you haven’t heard, I have a quest this year, Quest for Master Class.
So I have decided that I am going to strive to make Master in Limited USPSA by the end of this year. That is my overall goal, with in all that I do have some smaller step goals. My first goal is to work on my dry and live fire practice. Second is to make A class, and the third is to continue and earn my M card in Limited. Now, the one place I differ from a lot of people is that I not only want to earn my M card, but I want to be able to compete at that Master class level. So people (and I have known a few) have earned a M card, or a GM card in USPSA or have a Master in IDPA, but if you see them compete, they are nowhere near competing at a master or GM level, you may hear them referenced as “Paper GMs” or “Paper Master”. That just means that they may have made master or GM from a classification level, but the rest of their game has not caught up yet.

So in my quest to step up my game and rise to the Master level I am going to start a program I am going to call Critical Review. This is where I will run through a debriefing and analyze my performance at all my matches, both local and major level matches. I am also going to try and pull things out of the review to work on. This is going to be the hard part, since I work a full time job, and my job is not really close to any range to get out and practice live fire during the week, but we will not get any better if we do not practice, and I do believe that the quality of practice out weights the quantity, so every draw, every shot, every transition must count and we must learn everything we can if we are to meet the goal.

So the first Critical Review will be from the 2016 SC Section. This will be my first stab at reviewing my performance and picking apart everything from the match to the stages down to the target engagement.

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