Ken Single Stack

Ken Single Stack

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Well I sit here tonight thinking about how I can not wait for spring to get here, part of it is cause I am over the cold, the other is the start of the 2015 shooting season.
I am pretty lucky that here in NC we can shoot just about all year, it gets cold here at night but the days are really not that bad, about 55 degrees, so with a few layers on we can still get some matches in.
So after the 2014 NC Section match I decided I wanted to officially get classed in limited. So I have since sold off a few of the double stack 1911’s I had (P16-40 and a P14-45) and I have acquired a STI Eagle in 40.  This has served me as my limited USPSA and my pistol for 3 gun. So after a few months I have officially made it in to B class in Limited. I was expecting a bit higher scores, but I have a few bad classifiers in plus I had two old classifiers from 5 years ago when I first started USPSA when I was shooting my Glock 22, but that’s OK, I just have room to improve at this point.
So it is February and it is time to start to get serious about my 2015 season, so I have worked over my Para single stack with some new parts and just need to get it tuned and ready. My first L2 match was going to be the Piedmont match in March, but I was a little late signing up and well I am on the wait list, but at this point I don’t think I made the cut. That’s OK, I have signed up for the SC Section match again this year, I will be shooting with staff and working the match on Saturday.
I am still working on my list for matches this year, I have my regular yearly matches I attend, SC Section, GA Section, NC Section, but I have been thinking about going back up to the Area 8 match this year, and maybe the TN Section match, but we will see.
Other than my match schedule, I have been busy with the new range, well it is not mine but ZSA has bought 1/3 in to a established range and we are in the process of clearing out the trees and building berms for the new competition area. If the planets are aligned and the plans we want actually happen it will be great new range for matches.

Well that is all for now, keep your muzzle down range and I will see you at the range. 

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